All-Steps Formation Riding

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All-Steps Formation Riding

 ‘all steps and movements of high school training, performed by a
quadrille of stallions seen in Olympic Grand Prix tests’

Experience, quality, professionalism and special attention is applied to our training philosophy…

Follow the link below to find many helpful videos on how a movement is ridden and other useful and fun things connected to formation.

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Riding Principles of Portuguese Equestrian Art Workshop

Date: Friday 30th – Saturday 31st August

Location: Merrist Wood

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All-Steps Formation Riding

history of Formation Riding…

To understand the history of formation riding is to first delve into the history of mans evolving horsemanship.

Dating back almost 2,500 years to the Greek history of Xenophon, the very first book written on horsemanship. The Romans took the gauntlet for furthering the study and training for battle movements and horsemanship for the purpose of having the edge of winning wars.

Fueled by the need to understand that there was a way to train for specific traits and movements more intricate than just ‘charge’! this came in the mid-1500s pushed by the need for a more intuitive way of equestrianism due to the development of firearms. This intuitive new form of horsemanship reached as far as Vienna with documents dating back to the 1500s referring to the Spanish wooden hall.

This era also saw the specific breed bred for this purpose that would stand the test of time and still be there to this day, the Lipizzaner. The school grew and developed until the great hall, usually used for balls was formed into a riding school in the 1700s. Still there today, The Spanish school of Vienna. Alongside this school was another just as old, Lipica Stud Farm in Slovenia founded in 1580, also using the famous Slovenian breed, the Lipizzaner. The Portuguese school was re-established as The Escola Portuguesa de Arte Equestre, founded in 1748 with a brief relapse and returning to former glory in 1979. The horses used for this school is and always has been the Lusitano.

Another school would be the French Cadre Noir of Saumur- this school uses various breeds of the horse but mainly the French breed of Selle Francais- founded in 1828. The Spanish counterpart would be the Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre where the possibly oldest breed on record by stud books is used, the Pura Raza Española, the school founded in 1970s.

There are five established schools in total, all of them steeped in historical presence. All the schools use the terminology of ‘drille’ riding or quadrille.


Traditionally only the select few experience the amazing harmony and connection
between horse and rider whilst riding to music, following the flow of other riders.

Now, the new and exciting ‘All Steps Formation Riding’ gives every rider the
opportunity to feel the connection with their horse. The ability to ride horses in
harmony to music with your friends on a competitive platform is a unique and
amazing experience that must not be missed…

“At the back of the line I patiently stand

Waiting for my riders gentle hand.

My ears prick up the music begins,

We all move forward as the arena light dims.

The crowds are in awe as we pick up the pace

In synchronised melody,movement and grace.

Moving as one from first to last

we are a formation team having a blast!”

“in memory of Gracie”​

All-Steps Formation

There is no secret so close as that between a
rider and his horse.
~Robert Smith Surtees
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