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The All Steps Formation Riding Christmas Show

Horses and Gin - A Perfect Holiday Combo


Saturday, 16th December


4:00 PM - 8:30 PM


Bicton College

Join us for a festive family extravaganza with All-Steps Formation Riding and the delightful touch of Exeter Gin, set against the backdrop of the magnificent Bicton College. We have a dazzling line-up of horses, Shetland ponies, mounted games, and captivating demonstrations, all designed to fill your day with holiday spirit. 

Entertainment for All Ages

This event is crafted with your entire family in mind. There are thrilling horse displays, cute Shetland ponies, and even mounted games, offering endless entertainment for the kids. Food and drinks will be readily available to keep everyone energized throughout the day. 

Lucinda - The Ugly Sister

Keep your eyes peeled for a special guest appearance by Lucinda, the Ugly Sister. She’s ready to spill the beans on all her horsey pals and, of course, to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Educational Highlights

We’ve got educational segments too. Witness the fascinating Reiki demonstration by Pete of Gallop Equine and gain insights from Amanda from Posturide. Also, prepare to be wowed by the Dartmoor Hill Ponies’ exciting, mounted games display, guided by special guest team captains from Hitts Barton Equestrian – all likely under the watchful eye of Lucinda. 

Equine Spectacles

Marvel at the All-Steps Formation Riding display team’s stunning light show, fresh from the Horsemanship Showcase. Michael V Smith and his magnificent Lusitano stallion will leave you in awe of their trust and connection. Rebecca Harris will join us with her horse Mushy, performing in Liberty style, a true spectacle of riding without a bridle or saddle. 

Shetland Pony Fun 

We’ve got an entire crew of Shetland Ponies from Munchkins Miniature Shetland Rescue. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Bert and Poppet, who tied the knot in September (we’re certain Lucinda has something to say about that). 

Fun for Everyone

There’s a plethora of free activities, from a seek-and-find trail with a prize for the highest score, to hook-a-duck and Christmas decoration making. Ever tried your hand at icing your very own Christmas biscuit? We’d love to see pictures of your ponies – bring them along and add their photos to our best-dressed pony noticeboard. Don’t forget to dress up Dad, as there will be prizes for the most festively attired father! 

Feast and Sip

Indulge in warm, delectable food and sip on refreshing beverages from the fabulous Exeter Gin bar. You’ll find mulled wine and mince pies to further delight your taste buds. 

Senga, Sarah, and Karen extend their warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and hope to spread the holiday cheer to you and your entire family. 

Extra Treats to Look Forward to:

  • Exeter Gin Bar and Mulled Wine Stands: Sip on some Exeter Gin and warm up with mulled wine while you enjoy the festivities. 
  • Delicious Food: Feast on scrumptious fare to satisfy your cravings. 
  • Tea and Coffee: A hot cup of tea or coffee to keep you toasty and refreshed. 
  • Christmas Carols: Get into the holiday spirit with soul-soothing Christmas carols. 
  • Roasted Chestnuts: Savor the taste of roasted chestnuts, a wintery delight. 
  • Sweet Stall: Treat yourself to a variety of delectable sweets. 
  • Loads of Free Parking: No worries about parking; there’s ample space for your convenience. 
  • Raffle: Try your luck and win some exciting prizes. 
  • All-Steps Formation Riding and Their Mesmerizing Light Display: Witness the dazzling light display courtesy of All-Steps Formation Riding. 
  • Mounted Christmas Games: Thrilling and festive mounted games to enjoy. 
  • Hook a Duck: Test your skills and win some fun prizes. 
  • Seek and Find Trail: Explore, search, and win a prize for the highest score. 
  • Guess How Many Candy Canes in the Jar: Take your best guess for a sweet surprise. 
  • Christmas Decorating Making: Get creative and craft your own Christmas decorations. 
  • Best Dressed Pony Noticeboard: Share your pony’s stylish attire and make them famous on our noticeboard. 
  • Best Dressed-Up Dad: Dads, dress to impress and win a festive prize.
  • Choir and Lots of Christmas Tunes: Let the melodious choir and enchanting Christmas tunes enchant your ears.  

Ticket Information

Adult Tickets

£15 per person