All-Steps Formation Riding

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1.1 Horse Welfare
1.1.1 Farriery and Tack:

(a) Foot care and shoeing must be of a high standard.

(b) Tack must be designed and fitted to avoid pain or injury.

1.1.2 Good horse management:
(a) Stabling, feeding and training must be compatible with good horse
and must not compromise horse welfare.

(b) Any practices which could cause physical or mental suffering in or out of
will not be tolerated.

1.1.3 All-Steps Formation Riding (ASFR) officials may refuse entry of any equine
competition should they feel that it is not fit to compete.

1.2 Legal Identification Documents of Horses
1.2.1 A legal passport must accompany each horse or pony at any competition
and be
readily available for presentation to competition officials.

1.3 Vaccination Programme
1.3.1 First vaccination:
(a) The second is given between 21 and 92 days after the first vaccination.

1.3.2 The third is to be given between 150 and 215 days after the second:
(a) One annual

1.3.3 No horse or pony should attend a National competition less than 7 days
after a

1.3.4 All vaccinations must be listed in the horse’s passport.

1.4 Competing Internationally
1.4.1 All horses travelling abroad to International competitions must have
in compliance with FEI regulations.

1.5 Rules of the Warm-up Arena
1.5.1 The warm-up arena is for the rider’s preparation of their horses before their
into the competition arena.

1.5.2 The warm-up arena may be monitored by paddock officials.

1.5.3 All competitors must respect the orders of the paddock officials.

1.5.4 No other person is allowed into the warm-up arena except the
and trainers of the competitors.

1.5.5 The warm-up arena is an area for quiet working in. Riders conduct must not
jeopardise other riders. Riders must pass left to left.

1.5.6 Any breach of conduct will be reported by the paddock officials or to the
of the Jury.

1.6 Organising Commissions
1.6.1 Organising commissions co-ordinate a competition.

1.6.2 Rights: Organising commissions can set the specific terms of a working
competition as long as it has the express consent of ASFR.

1.6.3 Obligations: All organising commissions must provide good competition
for horses and riders.

1.7 Judges
1.7.1 There are three types of judge:

(a) A candidate judge is one that is undergoing training and has been
approved by ASFR
to judge at training competitions and/or Regional level.

(b) A National judge is one who has undergone training and has been
approved by ASFR
to judge both Regional and National competitions.

(c) An International judge is one that has undergone International training and
has been
approved by ASFR to judge at International level competitions.

(d) When there are large number of entries, different judges may be allocated
for each

1.7.2 Rights:

(a) The judge must be in an isolated and comfortable position so that he/she
can carry
out his/her duties in an impartial manner.

1.7.3 Judges obligations:

(a) All judges must follow these rules.

(b) The President of the Jury has maximum authority in the absence of the
of the ASFR at a competition and it is his/her duty to ensure the
smooth running of the

(c) The President of the Jury must direct any complaints made by a

(d) The Paddock Commission must declare any irregularity to the President of
the Jury.

1.8 Paddock Commission

1.8.1 The Paddock Commission are chosen by ASFR.

1.8.2 Rights:

(a) The Paddock Commission is compromised of impartial and trustworthy

(b) Members of the Paddock Commission are situated in the entrance of the
arena in order to carry out their duties.

1.8.3 Obligation of the Paddock Commission:

(a) Co-ordinate the competitors in the warm-up arena.

(b) Inspect the clothing and tack, ensuring the correctness and accordance with
traditional British Dress and Tack.

(c) Control of each competitor as they proceed from the warm-up arena to the
competition arena.

(d) Monitor the conduct of the riders.

(e) The Paddock Commission must declare any irregularity to the President of

1.8.4 Competitors must complete the ASFR entry form in full.