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Meet The Team

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The demo team is a group of extremely dedicated riders, with a huge passion for formation riding. This is a versatile group with a wide ranging breed of horse and rider age demographic. All riders compete in many other disciplines. For being a relatively new group they are fast getting more and more demos under their belt.. not to forget even managing to be seen on a news slot at a country fair. The highlight of last year was the request to be a part of an amazing equine theatre project in Cornwall, Heaven’s Thunder. The aim for the team is to perform at as many venues and events as possible to bring formation riding to the public, who aren’t even aware that there is a platform such as this. Because of their dedication to working extremely hard and perfecting this skill they are fast being able to perform more and more lateral movements and adding increasing technical movements that wow the crowds, always being very well received and a firm favourite when out performing. They are available for any event, even events that are nothing to do with equestrianism, if you’re just looking for something different please do get in touch, these guys will `bring it`! 

The demo team is now also available for prom outings, Please get in touch if you wish to know more.



I am the director and founder of All-Steps formation riding; I started this platform to give others the opportunity to join me in this amazingness of formation riding. This discipline is perfect to combine my love of Spanish horses with the current two in life are Morante (owned by Jennifer) and Ilios, both imported sounded from Spain. I am also a freelance instructor and coach for All-steps. Having ridden in formation for many years now, the passion is still there not wavering and gathering more momentum as we go., the passion is only burning brighter. as I always say, “the sky is the limit!


I was a horse mad teen with a fabulously shaggy Pony called Dusty. I then went off to university and lived the high life in Edinburgh for a number of years. I am now back in the horsey world following my 30-year hiatus and have a horse mad teen of my own.

I’ve been riding with the All-Steps team since the Spring on the beautiful Lita and am living my best horsey life. We are still getting to know each other properly but have started to understand each other and have the foundations of a lovely partnership. Lita’s naughtiest habit is tipping over the wheelbarrow when I’m poo picking her field!

Sophie and Revel take great pride in being the lead combination for the All-Steps Formation Riding demo team. Sophie has been riding since the age of 5 and continued her passion for horses by studying BSc (Hons) Equine Science at Hartpury College. She bought Revel, a 16.1hh Irish Sports Horse X Selle Francis, in July 2017 after the retirement of her previous horse. Revel had only hunted and hacked in his previous home so required a lot of education within the arena. They now compete at elementary level dressage and thoroughly enjoy jumping. When not with the All-Steps team they will be found competing or participating in activities with a local riding club.

I am the newest, and youngest, member of the All-Steps team. I have been riding for 10 years and
have my own Pony, Dexter, a feisty Welsh D show jumper. I don’t ride Dexter in the team as he only
has one gear, fast, which isn’t really the best for formation riding! I ride the wonderful Rocky (Rockstar as we call him) in the team who is owned by Sarah
Court. Rocky is a 20 year old, 15 hand Irish Sports Horse although you wouldn’t believe his age, he still thinks he’s a teenager!

Jo and her stunning Friesian, Dexter are new to the team but already are firm members. Newly located to Devon both have established great new friends both `hooman’ and equine to have amazing adventures within formation. Dexter is a 15 yr. old sports Friesian who, with Jo has currently up to now has been doing and enjoying a dressage career but now loves his new activity of formation riding.

I ride Belmonte Arenillas, a Pre from Spain, stable name piglet 🐷 because he squeals like one and is very intelligent. I have been riding with All-Steps since they started, but Piglet only came over from Spain in May 2022 as a rising 5 yr. old freshly gelded and so far, has taken everything in his stride so I

am looking forward to the future with him.

I’m Danielle and have been part of All-Steps Formation riding since the start of the exciting Journey. What a journey it’s been with some exciting events which keep getting bigger and better. I regularly train with the team and share Poppy with my daughter Ella who……. Well often steals my ride however where Ella is an asset to the team myself with poppy can often be seen raising the Flag with various moves with our instructor and her horse Morante at various events around the Country.

Jo and Mani (who is actually a mare not a man!) have been paired up for five years. Mani initially started as a loan but quickly Jo fell in love with her despite her quirky, mareish personality! Mani is 14.2 hh but rides a lot bigger! She is half Welsh D with a bit of thoroughbred for speed and good breeding! As well as formation they had pleasing results in dressage locally but they also love joining friends for fun rides all over Devon.

Spencer is a 16.2 Grey/Roan Thoroughbred gelding who is 20yrs young. He was a National Hunt racehorse with the name of Rising Tyde. This was his job up to the age of 8yrs when his career was cut short due to a severe injury in his stable that damaged his back and pelvis. We have been together for 12yrs. Now, my true dancing buddy with the All-Steps Formation Riding Demo team which I joined in March 2022 after attending several clinics and 2 camps and found both Spencer and I enjoyed this discipline so much and had a great buzz from taking part. We then joined the team and haven’t looked back since. ❤

I’m Ella, the youngest member of the team at 17. I started doing Formation Riding with All-Steps Formation Riding when I was 14 and joined the demo team when it was established at 16yrs old. When I’m not at training and going out and about to various exciting events I can be seen out on my pony Poppy show jumping and at xc events. I have had poppy since she was 4yrs old and very non established, having been born wild on Bodmin Moor. I’m currently doing an apprenticeship doing my NVQ in Equine at a local livery yard where I get to ride a variety of Horses and continue my passion for horses.

Thanks to Meier Williams photography/art